Greed is never better. Greed is a never-ending desire and an extreme source of sadness, unhappiness, and an invitation to all sorts of physical and mental problems. Greed blocks people from feeling content in their lives. Greed forces people to occupy and consume in excess beyond their capacities.

Greed hinders people from being grateful for what they have achieved. Greed in people can take away theirs, as well as other people’s lives just to fulfill that desire (greed). Greed has always had negative impacts on the lives of people who have been greedy all their lives, but people still seem to be highly intrigued by greed! It’s high time that we realize, being grateful is better than being greedy.

When we learn to become grateful, we start to appreciate the tiniest things in our lives. We learn and accept the importance and beauty of every person and thing in our life. Gratefulness in a person doesn’t make her/him chase and run behind wealth. Gratefulness keeps us away from materialistic pleasures, it helps us seek happiness in ourselves, our family, and our existence.

Gratefulness in a person makes her/him grateful as a human being. Being grateful is not just a word but is an emotion! A grateful person never fears helping the ones who are needy nor does he fears cheering his counterparts in their success.

Life can go much easier and better when we are grateful for what we have. Being grateful about something eventually equates to fulfillment and extreme levels of happiness. Hence, being grateful is better than being greedy.

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