Are you frequently overcome by memories of the errors you have committed in the past? Do you criticize yourself for not acting more sagely? Is it challenging for you to accept your flaws? The best way to get over issues is to find peace with your past, even if they may cause you tension and make you angry about things you can’t control.

You inquire how. Here are some strategies to help you forgive your former self and build a brighter future.

1.Keep in mind that past errors are history.

You cannot alter it, no matter how many times you place the responsibility for your errors on yourself. To avoid repeating them in the future, it is, therefore, preferable to learn from them. You would only experience tension, rage, and sadness if you thought back on all your past errors and regretted them.

2. Don’t forget that life includes bad individuals.

Are you still remorseful about that broken relationship or still feeling sorry for the person who betrayed you? Time to move past them and provide forgiveness. You tend to move on from individuals quickly once you start forgetting and forgiving them.


Making peace with everything that troubles you can best be done via meditation. Meditation helps remove negativity, whether it’s related to a failed romance or a buddy who deceived you. Take a break from your occupied routine and practice meditation.

4.Keep a reflective journal.

Put your emotions on paper by pulling out a journal and a pen. You should list your complaints and desired changes in writing. Write anything you want to. After that, read it. Stress relief comes from writing down your ideas.

5.Chat with oneself

Talk to yourself while you are alone. Do not feel ashamed about it. Be your own therapist and use talking to get help. Every day, spend 5 to 10 minutes on it. This will enable you to release all of your anger and resentment. Recognize that mistakes happen to everyone and that no one is flawless.


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