All through the world, we discover individuals who have numerous methods of showing their need for peace. We hear expressions, for example, ‘Mat the peace be with you’. At Christmas, people send welcoming cards or sing tunes about peace on earth’. We find that people hold their two fingers high making a ā€˜Vā€™ shape, which represents harmony. Whenever somebody passes away, we wish that the person finds happiness or peace in the afterlife. Countries meet consistently to look for approaches to make peace with one another and stabilize our current situations. Associations committed to harmony have shown up in numerous nations. There is even a Nobel Peace prize for singular commitments to this honourable motivation.

The want or desire for peace is universal and always will be as long as there is chaos. In each age and each nation, individuals have been attempting to discover harmony inside their current circumstance, social orders and the world. It is bizarre that this hunt has been continuing for such a long time and has been in demand for endless individuals, yet its fulfilment stays slippery or out of their reach. Hardly anyone discovers harmony for themselves. Not one thing in existence appears to furnish us with valid and enduring harmony. We begin to ask why calmness is so difficult to accomplish.

When we talk about inner peace, we have to consider our mind and character. Our mind must be free of all the chaos and panic. It must not contain any worry or stress. Suppose if you are in a queue, and someone accidentally bumps into, the way you react to it, displays your state of mind. If you react aggressively, you lack peace. If you are calm and understanding, your mind can be called peaceful. You can achieve this with meditation and yoga. Outer peace, on the other hand, is what you do or your actions. It is also the calmness and tranquillity around you. If you can focus on the natural energy, and obtain peace from it, you can gain outer peace. All you have to do is spend more time away from screens and into nature. You should be able to feel the calmness in the birds chirping and the smell of freshly cut grass. That is how you gain outer peace.