After realizing people are so busy and don’t get enough time to search for proper songs that will make them feel at peace, this is why we have brought you a suggested list of soothing and delightful songs that will make you feel peaceful.

1) Paola Nutini From New Shoes: If your day started on a bad note, this song is surely for you. Listen to this song, and you will feel alright for the day. It will help you have a better mindset when your work is hectic.

2)Jason Mraz From Geek In The Pink: When life has become boring, and you want something to feel boosted, listen to this song which will make you sing along and work on your daily chores.

3)Jack Johnson From Upside Down: The amazing jungle-like drum beats and engaging lyrics are sung to make you feel that it’s alright that the material world disapproves of you. But you should stay and enjoy listening to this iconic song.

4)Harry Nilsson From Coconut: This is a dominating rhyme scheme song. Harry Nilsson repeats the song for 30 seconds or more. Still, it is one of the best songs. The amazing vocals have impressed the listeners.

5)Mika From We Are Golden: The song starts to impress you. The music is almost the description of the daily life that you go through. To be honest, you will love this song.

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