Anger causes aggressive and triggering reactions in us which leads us to do freaky and weird things that we might have not dreamt of. Anger makes us lose control over ourselves. Anger also ruins our relationship with others and it makes us appear as a bad person even if we have a good heart and think the best of others.

And in the spirit of aggression, we tend to voice venomous words which we later tend to regret. A person must learn to control his angry and aggressive impulses for a better living. So be mindful before you react, have control and act wisely.

Anger is a part of ourselves and so when we control ourselves we eventually control anger and vice versa. Everything needs to be in control, be it anger or anything else. It’s important to have control over our anger because anger releases impulses in our bodies that can affect our overall health.

It can increase mental stress as well as blood pressure. Self-control should be the mantra of our life. When we tend to have control of ourselves we can control not just anger but any other emotions that trouble us.

When you feel impulsive, don’t react abruptly, keep calm and slowly count in your head and keep breathing. Revert your thoughts towards something else, occupy your mind with other thoughts that would give you peace of mind.

So basically, when you have control over your mind you have control over yourself and then control over other things comes easily. So just feel and stay calm, think positively and react accordingly.

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