Power of intellect is easy to develop but power of ahimsa is difficult as it deals with purification and development of heart. Therefore, it is believed that the power of Ahimsa is greater and larger than the power of intellectuals. Ahimsa has the power to build a strong heart in the best way.

Ahimsa has the power to develop a strong will-power and all hostilities are given up. The enemy tends to give up the feelings of hostility in the presence of the person who practices ahimsa. Ahimsa creates a sense of unity and oneness in life which makes them enjoy peace and bliss. You can practice Ahimsa by not thinking negatively about yourself and others. In short, it is not harming oneself, others and nature.

According to the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader from Tibet, through Lord Buddha’s path of ahimsa it is possible to attain peace. Since most of the countries have developed weapons that deal with mass destruction, there is a need for the Lord Buddha’s preaching of ahimsa.

Just with a click of a button there can be mass destruction. There is a large extent of violence that is gripping the world in its bounds.

The sorrows of people are increasing due to materialism and can be overcome by taking the path of Buddha. Practicing Ahimsa can instate peace of mind because it means everything is in harmony.

Motivating others to live peacefully is another way of practising Ahimsa. For unconditional positive regard, Ahimsa is important in life.

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