Avoiding alcohol and drugs

Addiction does not alleviate the problem during this period. Avoid alcohol and drugs that can make you feel sick.


Exercise daily for physical and mental health: Physical health will guide you when it comes to the type and duration of your exercise.

Consider doing yoga.

Do Yoga. Focus on the things that you can control. Don’t try to control what you can’t. It will be in vain.

Set small goals every day:

Set small goals and slowly raise your goals. When you reach your goal, tap your back.

Create your own support system:

Surround yourself with friends and family who can lift your mood just by being there, they can talk freely and make difficult decisions that seem a little easier. Sometimes, knowing that some people can rely on you without judgment can alleviate your pain. So, yes, a strong support system during cancer treatment is important.

Keeping the Line of Communication Open:

Diagnosis and treatment can be scary, but sharing your feelings with someone who is easy to talk to can reduce some of your fears and worries. You can set a limit on when and how much you want to talk about your cancer experience.

Try Reframing:

This means changing the way you think and look at the situation so that the glass looks half full instead of half empty. One patient jokingly told me that he is saving a lot of money on haircuts now that he is receiving chemotherapy. This did not change her concerns about hair loss, but it helped her handle it better.

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