To be at peace, you need to learn the art of meditation. When you are at peace, your life feels aligned and you are filled with positive vibes.

Here are few tips for meditation;

1. Don’t Do Meditation with an Expectation

Don’t go for meditation with any expectation of how you will feel later. Meditation takes time and effort to be beneficial.

2. Select a Time for Meditation and Stick to It

Select a proper time for meditation and make it a habit to follow it every day.

3. Select a Specific Location

Choosing a meditation space will train help you train your body and mind to be relaxed and comfortable. Keeping this place neat and clean will wash you over with calmness.

Make sure to add some potted plants to make it more aesthetic.

4. Take Deep Breaths

Before beginning with meditation, take deep breaths to trigger relaxation responses. This helps your body to feel safe and at ease. Throughout the meditation, you have to focus on your breathing to be mindful which in turn reduces stress.

5. Don’t Move or Fidget

Avoid moving or fidgeting during meditation as it may cause distraction. If your current position is troubling you or causing you pain, you can re-adjust but make sure it does not faze your meditation.

6. Be Kind to Yourself

Meditation is about treating yourself with kindness. It is not always going to be perfect. You have to practice kindness no matter what you are experiencing at the moment.

7. Acknowledge Your Emotions

No matter which emotion you are feeling at the moment, happy or sad make sure to acknowledge it.

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