Gaur Gopal Das talks about the concept of sledging into cricket. He talks about how cricketers sledge each other during matches. But he says Sachin Tendulkar is one such gem of a person who doesn’t let the sledging bother him. He is known to maintain his calm and is known for his poised character. Gaur Gopal Das then links this concept of cricket to our lives. He goes on to ask if we sledge people in our lives.

Are we cool or do we lose our cool? Can we stop people from criticizing us? Is it even in our control? Gaur Gopal Das terms this as the things that are out of our control. We cannot control what people say or even think about us. Situations that we faced in life too, are out of our control. When we face people who criticize us, pull us down, or are envious of us, conspiring against us, this makes us react. It makes us mad, sad, and furious.

But there are many things that are out of our control. Gopal Das encourages us to not get consumed by the things we have absolutely no control over. Why consume our minds over something that is beyond our scope to do anything about it?

Gaur Gopal Das states that according to statistics about 70% of our mind is occupied by the things that are not in our control.

He teaches us to respond instead of reacting. He says in life we will always have a stimulus in the form of difficulty, conflict, fear, and how we choose to respond to it is our decision. It depends on us. Whether to respond or to react to the given circumstance, is entirely up to us.

This is not something that happens automatically. It is a choice. Don’t ask the question of why it happened, rather ask yourself how to deal with it. Because Gaur Gopal Das believes there are no satisfactory answers to the “why’s”.

This is the best way to deal with toxic people in life. Avoid the toxic people by responding rather than reacting and this is the masterstroke of life, he says. This will enable us to always be at peace, rather than getting affected by the words or actions of toxic people.

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