Are you finding it hard to be true to yourself?

Well, then you need to remember these 7 things when you find it difficult to stay true to yourself.

1. Normalise breaking up with partners, friends, or any acquaintances

It is okay to leave the relationships behind that no longer fit your life like a puzzle as they did before. The relationships that were created based on pleasing, obligation and guilt shouldn’t be a part of your life. The breakups of the relationships that no longer serve you make room for nourishing and authentic relationships to blossom.

2. Normalise prioritsing yourself

You shouldn’t prioritize other people’s comfort over your feelings. If you don’t put your needs first, then there is a possibility of you feeling the spark of guilt or being unforgivably selfish. But you need to normalize prioritizing yourself and not feeling guilty about it.

3. It is okay to feel hyper-sensitive

You should honor all your feelings, emotions, and needs. What might feel hyper-sensitive would just be sensitive if you honor those feelings or emotions and it is a completely normal reaction.

4. Freaking out while speaking the hard truth is normal

It is normal to freak out after setting a boundary for yourself. Give yourself time to rest, recuperate and treat yourself with compassion after freaking over speaking the hard truth.

5. Anger is a normal and healthy emotion

It is important to honor your anger, it is not going to annihilate you. Gain familiarity with your anger to set boundaries in the future.

6. Your dreams can shift quickly

It’s totally normal to feel your work starting to get deflating and boring. If your dreams or career choices are shifting rapidly, it does not mean you are being impulsive. Instead, you are just adjusting to your new external world.

7. Experiencing a previously unaddressed trauma is perfectly fine

If you experience any previous trauma it is always better to seek support from your friends, partners, or therapists. Allow your traumas to surface and heal for a better life.
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