Without realizing it, many of us bring our occupations home with us. Work may be stressful, but when we’re supposed to be unwinding from the moment we leave the office until we return the next morning, we often allow job stress to creep in instead of making the most of our non-work life.

Here are 5 ways to find peace when work is making you super stressful:

1. Finish you work before you leave

Preparing oneself before you leave is one of the first and best methods to leave job stress at work. Prepare a to-do list for yourself when you return the next day to reduce after-hours problems. This allows you to come in focused and makes you feel less stressful

2. Make a Post-Work Routine

A post-work ritual is a terrific method to help yourself decompress after a stressful day at work, much as it helps children relax and go to sleep when they have a bedtime ritual. It could be as simple as taking a deep, cleansing breath as you walk out the door and consciously reminding yourself that you have physically and mentally left work.

3. Seek help from your co-workers

Working with a strong support system can help you avoid the negative effects of job stress. Just remember to pay attention to them and offer assistance when they require it. If you don’t have a close co-worker, you can make an effort to be more social with them.

4. Don’t take on more responsibility than you can handle

Avoid scheduling events consecutively or trying to cram too much into a single day. If you have too much on your plate, separate the “shoulds” from the “musts.” Tasks that aren’t absolutely necessary should be moved to the bottom of the list or eliminated entirely.

5. Break down projects into small parts

If a major project feels overwhelming, break it down into manageable steps rather than tackling it all at once.

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