Living Without Fear

The concrete way that spirituality can make us happy and healthy is to recognize that we are not the mind. Today, the world is full of mental health hospitals and treatments. People suffer from depression, and anxiety, and even think of suicide. This is because the mind lives in fear and anxiety, and as a result, we cannot lead a life of bliss and peace. But when we become spiritual, we realize that we are not the mind. Those who seek spirituality find that when we try to find spirituality, we cannot find out where it is.

Feeling Strong

Another advantage of spirituality is living as a sacred spirit, the soul. This recognition allows us to experience the God within us. We feel strong because we recognize that we are the greatest immortal power. We are neither born nor dead. Spirituality makes us aware that we are a manifestation of God.

Please understand that we are not the body

We are not the body. In this world, the body constantly experiences pain and suffering. Who has not experienced a fracture, illness, or disability? As long as we think of it as physical, we need to suffer from physical pain. It is the spirituality that makes us realize that we are a sacred spirit, not a suffering body. So the first advantage of spirituality is that you can achieve liberation from the triple suffering of body, mind, and ego.

Transcending the ego

The advantage of spirituality is that it transcends the ego. As long as we live with the ego, we will suffer from anger, hatred, revenge, and jealousy. And it is the spirituality that frees us from this pain. The ego can affect your life. So when we realize that we are the Spirit of God, we realize that we are not the ones who say “I,” “I,” or “mine.”

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