Sometimes sleep is affected by many problems. Sleep makes you rest and makes your refresh.

1) Your Body Temperature

The temperature always matters. If your body temperature is too warm at night, you will be having a very hard time completing rapid eye movement sleep. The optimum temperature of the room for sleeping is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit (about 19 degrees Celsius), so make sure that your room temperature is set to that temperature. In India, such type of temperature is not available. But another thing keeping in mind is your body temperature. Our body operates on a process called thermoregulation that is our organs and body parts tend to keep the same temperature at different conditions and allows you to regulate the temperature. Keeping a lower body temperature at night helps you in falling asleep quicker and stay asleep longer.

2) Everyday problems

Whether it’s a big task that’s due at work, recent arguments with your partners, or any frustration that is caused due to some money issues, that is if you have borrowed money or you have any other things that somebody owes is a disturbance for your sleep. Even after a break up there is a disturbance.  The hurdles that we run into in everyday cases can significantly affect our sleep.

3) Alcohol

Sometimes having alcohol problems can disturb your sleep. Drinking at night and going to sleep can do you a lot more harm than you think. It gets into your brain and then ruins your sleep.

4)  Caffeine

Here are some caffeine problems that ruin sleep.

Restlessness, Caffeine boosts your power and does not let you sleep, Stomach cramps, Sometimes one can get these cramps consuming these products.

Frequent urination increases your urination process.

With an elevated heart rate, Caffeine is not very good for the heart. It increases the heart pumping speed and hence is proven to hamper your sleep adversely.

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