A spiritual journey is a cycle of reconciliation and education through enlightenment. It enables us to better comprehend our motive and purpose in life.

Here are the 4 common mistakes people make while on their spiritual journey

1. Losing Discipline

The most significant tool needed to achieve any objective is self-discipline. Just as we require a disciplined diet to maintain our weight loss program, likewise, we require meditation or any other technique in discipline to pace up our spiritual growth. When we lose our discipline, we lose our enthusiasm and motivation. So if you want to achieve a proper spiritual journey you need to be disciplined.

2. Expecting the captives to set you free

A main mistake that maximum people make is that they misjudge the distance in the spiritual journey. From death to life, from darkness to light, and from untruths to the truth. There isn’t any transportation, medium, map or Guru which will help in getting us across our journey.

Every Guru and spiritual leader born on the earth, also died here on the earth. If they couldn’t pass over from death to life, don’t be foolish to think that you will also pass death or you will never die. A spiritual awakening isn’t something that someone can provide you. It is something you can only lend yourself through the understanding of reality and your steps on belief towards the path that the Eternal God has paved already for you.

3. Being arrogant and carrying preconceived beliefs

As we start our spiritual journey, a lot of us make the mistake of starting to be arrogant, overconfident, and acquire a feeling of superiority. Because many people start to think that now that they are on this journey they are more special than everyone. By being so, we eliminate a lot of beneficial and genuine spiritual teachings along the way.

4. Using spirituality for acquiring psychic powers

Thinking of spirituality as a means of increasing psychic abilities only hinders our way to spiritual progress. It is true that we become more spontaneous, some of us may start to see or hear more than others. But we still have to always remember one thing that these things are just the bi-product of your spiritual journey and not the main objective. We may or may not obtain these skills, but we will move forward in our spiritual path if we seek to choose enlightenment rather than gaining powers and abilities.

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