The most important relationship we may have is with ourselves. Relationships are the basis of life. Sadly, a lot of us just take it for granted. Here, we’ll discuss three scientifically supported techniques for taming your inner demons and adopting a more self-compassionate outlook on life.

1. Be Conscious of Your Learning Curve
Many of us have exaggerated notions of how long it takes to learn new things or adjust to new surroundings. We think that if we participate in a course or program, our brains will instantly become more open to learning new things.

2. Treat yourself with the same respect as you would others.
For many of us, showing kindness to others comes naturally. But when it comes to ourselves, we are too harsh. It’s possible for us to think that being kind to ourselves is selfish and lazy, or that it will somehow fundamentally undercut our drive.

3. Do More Practice Behavioral adaptability
Over time, people have a propensity to solidify their habits. We make routines more efficient. We hone our passions.

This isn’t a problem in and of itself. A decent routine is a terrific way to navigate some of your days on autopilot. And let’s face it, the system benefits from some autopilot.

Routines, according to psychologists, aren’t a problem until they become one. Make adjustments to your daily schedule if you’re experiencing depression, anxiety, or off-balance. If you have to abandon a goal you may have set, such as a 30-day yoga or Peloton challenge, don’t berate yourself for it. Be gentle to yourself for taking a few weeks off from working hard.

Source:psychology Today

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