BYJU’s is a learning app, it is an online tutoring firm which was founded in 2011 BYJU’s Raveendran at Bangalore. Now it has been recognized worldwide with a value of $ 5.4 billion. BYJU’s was first started as a standard online coaching class for CAT exams which were basically to get into BSchools and therefore was available for the age group of 21-25 age group. BYJU’s was an incredibly energetic salesman. Now it has become a comprehensive online tutoring program by the world’s largest ed-tech company. BYJU’s runs a freemium model, free access of 15 days is given after the registration. Their main product is their mobile app named BYJU’s- the learning app which was launched later in 2015 and is used widely now.

There is a varied staff of around 900 faculties and various departments. They have even designed a tablet that is worth 30,000 and has all the features in it. If you apply for a year subscription at BYJU’s you get a free tablet.

Over 15 million students are using this app and more than 900,000 paying subscribers. It is one of the best options for home learning and keeps yourself engaged at home while continuing the learning process. It is a good way to make your school lessons strong and give you a good type of revision, support the tough subjects, or is an alternative to learn more efficiently. There are a series of options to be considered while you are using BYJU’s – the learning app, it has video lessons, interactive live classes, and multiple practice tests for revision. During this pandemic, there is great stress on online schooling and learning and has a great impact on BYJU’S as well. BYJU’S has made all its video lessons for class 4-12 free to access for all students until the situation persists.

Here are a few points on why BYJU’s is the best way for learning from home.

  • Has access to a wide range of personalized video lessons for the age groups and includes all the subjects and topics. The videos are very precise and self-explanatory and you can get a deeper understanding of the concepts.
  • There are various practice and revise sessions held with several quizzes and tests which are well equipped according to your requirements. You can learn at your own pace and focus on the subject or topics which are difficult for you and solve more tests of it.
  • A complete understanding is achieved for all the complex maths and science concepts with the range of interactive questions that go beyond the syllabus and have a better understanding of the concepts.
  • This app gives you the opportunity to make the best use of your time at home and to keep the learning on with more clarity and depth to your interests of the subject.

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