Birthdays are like those unique moments to assemble your friends and relatives in one location and rejoice, regardless of whether you enjoy celebrating your birthday each year or hate the notion of growing another year older. Let’s be honest, you need to do something enjoyable for each accomplishment you reach, since what better reason is there to gather all of your favorite friends in one place and remember about the past year or more you’ve shared together?

Here are some ways to have a fun and fabulous birthday party at home.

1. Evening with the movies

Remember the times of movie evenings and sleepovers by taking the party back to its roots. Arrange a comfortable viewing area in the sitting room with enough pillows and blankets, or simply watch it with a cup of hot chocolate. A nice snack mix, as well as a choice of popcorn selections for your visitors, is a must-have.

2. Dinner party with style

What greater excuse do you have to dress yourself than a birthday celebration? Instead of making arrangements at a hotel, have a lavish dinner party at home. Prepare an appealing dinner and give out invites like this beforehand. Make sure to order your favorite main course and cap off the evening with a round of vodka cranberry beverages.

3. Pool Party

There’s nothing like a good ole fashion swimming pool party to celebrate a birthday during the summer season. Bring out the pool floats and slippers, and turn up the music. Set up a kiddie pool as a one-of-a-kind beverage chiller, and serve your cool drinks alongside poolside food.

4. Evening of Games

Nothing beats a fun night of gaming with good friends. Bring out some of your favorite traditional board activities, or introduce some extra grownup birthday game concepts to the mix. A game of gigantic Jenga can be a great addition to the party, or other creative games might bring the chuckles around the table.

5. Spa bash at home

Would there be a significantly better day to schedule some peace and leisure than today? On your birthday celebration, call your dearest buddies around for some genuine self-care. Cucumber face masks are a great way to start a quiet afternoon. Make some homemade bathing goods for your visitors to take home.

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