Atheism is a notion where The Almighty God and his virtues are not believed to be true. A person who does not believe in God is called an atheist. In an even smaller sense, atheism is explicitly the position that there are no divinities. A few people who portray themselves as sceptics of religion, additionally state they have confidence in a higher force or otherworldly power. Belief is our mind’s method of understanding and exploring our perplexing world. Thomas the Apostle was an atheist and did not believe in God until he saw and experienced his touch himself. Similarly, for all the atheists in the world, it will take the same experience for them to believe in God.

 There is nothing wrong in not having faith in God, yet in higher cognizance, it is a “foolish” choice. If you are moral, sympathetic and consistently participate in generosity works, you will be appropriately remunerated according to the laws of karma. You get back whatever you give in. You will get the opportunity to feel good about having better lives in this life or your next lives. You may even cash in big of going to other higher planets with intensified joys and success in next birth. Yet, when you have procured the after-effects of your devout karma, you will fall back to earth or even in lower planets (because of the karma). In this way, you won’t be freed from patterns of birth and passing. This again is just a theory and no one but the dead knows if the afterlife exists or not.

Despite everything, it is still vague to say that a person who does not believe in God or an atheist is evil. Just as believing in God does not make you God, not believing in God doesn’t make you evil. Every person is free to believe in their own faith and live his life accordingly. We may have our reasons to trust our faith and keep believing in god. In the exact same manner, people not believing in God must have their reasons to do so. And since no religion teaches us to judge someone based on their belief, it is safe to say that atheists are not evils!