It allows you to sleep faster.

Is this situation familiar to you? You’re all alone in bed, and your thoughts begin to wander. Your brain starts working again, and you start overthinking. Tuning out makes it more difficult to sleep and increases agitation. However, when you share a bed with someone you care about, you tend to relax since sleeping with a loved one provides you with a sense of security. You fall asleep in minutes when your body is relaxed.

It reduces stress levels.

Cortisol levels reduce when you share a bed with someone you love, according to expert Andrea Petersen in the Wall Street Journal. It also produces oxytocin, popularly known as the love hormone, which reduces anxiety. When you have low-stress levels, you are less likely to acquire heart disease, cancer, and other significant chronic illnesses.

It decreases inflammation in the body.

Petersen further stated that while sleeping with a loved one lowers stress levels, it also lowers the number of cytokines in your body. Cytokines produce inflammation and pain in the body. As a result, another warm body in bed relieves you of these physical issues. When you have snuggle therapy, who needs pain relievers?

It encourages good sleeping habits.

As you sleep, your body temperature begins to fall. When your body temperature drops, the warmth of the person sleeping next to you can keep you warm as a bug. Sharing a blanket in bed with someone might get very heated. Isn’t it lovely to have the best sleeping conditions, with just the appropriate amount of warmth and cold?

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