Every mother-child relationship is different. You see some of your friend’s mothers are way cooler than your mom. And you always wanted your mom to be as cool as her. A mother is not just a parent but also you can make her your best friend. Making your mother your bestie, she can help you deal with your everyday problems and you can share a beautiful bond. Here are ways you can make your mother your best friend.

1. Spend more time with her

Trying to spend more time with your mother brings you two closer and strengthens your bond. Try teaching her new things. Teach her how to use Instagram that she always wanted to learn.

2. Go to her for advice

If you are in doubt about a certain thing, then go to her for advice. She will surely help you. Your mother is your biggest fan. She will be there for you in your ups and downs in life.

3. Have dinners together

Having dinner dates with your mom will make her feel special about her. Don’t keep secrets from her, have a drink together.

4. Travel together

Let her be your travel buddy. Having weekends together may bring you close. You both can be each other’s adventure buddies. So plan the next trip together to make your mother your best friend.

5.Have fun together

Have fun together, Play games together. You can also have a few gossips about what’s going around. Surely you will find that your mom is way cooler than you think.

6. Be available for her when she needs you

Help her in her difficult times. Spent time together with her. Help her get through her difficulties and you can make her your friend.

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