Nowadays cheating has become common in relationships. Partners try to cheat on each other and break each other’s trust. If you have gone through such a thing, where your partner has cheated on you, then there will be some signs that you may have ignored.

Here are the signs you may have ignored

1. Her social media behavior changed

Was there a moment in recent years when her social media behavior changed drastically? Look back and take notice. Your wife could have been the type of person who was constantly clicking couple pictures and putting them up on her social media account. But then suddenly, she had avoided putting your photos out there. This can be an indication that she was cheating on you.

2. She is more interested in friendship with you

At some point of time you possibly didn’t notice that she isn’t interested in the cuddles and kisses anymore. She chats with you and keeps telling you how you are her best friend. She was avoiding physical intimacy with you and prefers to hang out in a gang.

3. She kept a tab on your timings

She may have always asked you about your work timing. What time you are going to come home and what time you are leaving for work. She was always keeping attention to your timings. You may have thought that she may be doing this because she wants to adjust her schedule with you but the other possibility can also be that she wanted to meet her secret lover when you were not there.

4. She guards her phone with her life

Depending on your level of trust and your relationship with your wife, you may have always exchanged your phones with each other, or you may have maintained a respectful distance. But at first, if she was showing you her phone but suddenly if she stops showing her phone to you and if she suddenly changes her password then this can be an indication that she was hiding something which she didn’t want to show you.

5. She spends less time with you

If at first you and your wife use to spend more time with each other, but she may have suddenly changed and she may have slowly decreased the time that she used to spend with you or she might have told you that she is too busy or she doesn’t have time for you, then this can be an indication that she may have cheated and she was bored to spend time with you.

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