Being friends with your partner before you get into relationship has numerous advantages. Being friends help you to understand your partner inside out. You have known each other for so long that you get along with each others flaws very well. If you have experienced a bad relationship in past, your friend whose is also your partner will make sure that you don’t experience it again. They know what you have went through and the will make an effort to not repeat same mistakes. There’s a good chance that a romantic relation with your best friend may last longer as you both are completely comfortable with each other. Your friend knows about your issues, he/she understands them and he is completely cool with them.

Your best friend gets your sense of humour easily. They know what makes you laugh and what doesn’t. Hence there is not an awkward silence when you tell them your joke. You are aware about your friend’s negative qualities but by now you are aware whether or not they are kind that you can bear or whether they are enough for you guys to never make it. It is said that ‘Women are from Venus and men are from Mars. This basically means that women can’t understand men during the first few weeks of dating and men can’t understand women either. When you are friends first, you are better able to recognise when your partner is stressed and needs bit tender love and care. Most of the time you and your partner share common interests and goals so there may not or will be minimum adjustment.

It is not necessary that you have to date or marry your best friend because it is not necessary the way you feel for them, they feel the same way. But you can surely make sure that before starting a relationship you befriend that person.
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