We often overlook foreplay, although it is an important aspect of the intercourse process. It gives women time to ‘warm up’ and get into the mood.

Here are 5 foreplay tips for him

1. Prepare the room for sex

Women are easily distracted by their surroundings and a long list of tasks to complete.

Take the time to clear the mess, straighten the sheets, pick up your laundry, and overall tidy up the living environment if you welcome her into your room. Turn on some music, dim the lights, and light a candle.

2. Talking dirty

Even before you enter the bedroom, you can start foreplay. Women enjoy nasty talking because it helps to warm things up prior to the act. You can even text your lover (sexting) to let her know what’s in store for her tonight if you can’t meet in person.

3. Massage

Another great form of foreplay to get your partner in the mood is a sensual massage. Start massaging your woman’s neck while you undress her, then work your way down to her shoulder, etc. To get her in the mood, kiss and caress her while you gently massage her.

4. A passionate kiss

Passionate touch is at the heart of sensual foreplay. For women, kissing is one of the oldest kinds of sensual foreplay. To a woman, the way you kiss says a lot. So make sure you do it right to get her in the mood.

5. Take your time getting dressed

If you’re trying for foreplay with a woman, remember that peeling away the layers of her clothing slowly is significantly more enticing.

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