Don’t be a leader if you want to make everyone happy; instead, sell ice cream! This phrase by Steve Jobs is one of the most inspiring quotes for leaders.

In the world, there are four categories of people: those who want to be liked, those who want to be right, those who want to be at ease, and those who want to win.

To be a leader, you must put aside your desire to be liked, right, and comfortable in order to focus on being a person who wants to win.

When you are in charge of a team, whatever your leadership style is, someone will always be dissatisfied with it. Someone will always be dissatisfied, regardless of how good a deal you provide or how wonderful a job you do.

This means that a leader will never be able to please everyone, and it’s pointless to even consider it. A leader must be able to see the big picture and look out for the general welfare of his or her followers. If a decision is made with a certain set of people in mind, such as a segment, it may not sit well with others and, as a result, the leader will gain a bad image.

A leader must think and act in ways that are not dependent on the approval of everyone. Being a leader means being unpopular at times, but that’s fine as long as you consider your people’s interests and well-being in the long run.

Making difficult, unpopular decisions demands nerves of steel. Perhaps leadership is not for you if you have a problem with people disliking you and being unhappy with the way things are going.

Perhaps you should go sell ice cream instead, as Steve Jobs wisely suggested through this phrase. When it comes to working, there is truly something for everyone, but not everyone is cut out for leadership.

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