· Be a good listener

To manage people rightly you must first listen to them. You must know their concerns and understand their perspective of looking at the job. Only when you are a good listener you’ll be able to understand your team members and manage them well to bring the most out of them.

· Balance praise and criticism

Too much praise can make the person overconfident and too much criticism can affect their self-esteem. As a good manager, you must learn to maintain a balance between both. Constructive criticism is necessary to help the person know where to make necessary changes and appreciating their hard work is necessary to make them feel valued and to motivate them.

· Check-in, even when nothing is wrong

As a good manager, you must check in on them even if there’s nothing wrong. This would make sure that you are updated with what your subordinates are doing and also let them believe that their manager is concerned about them and their work and they can’t be careless about work

· Be a leader instead of a manager

To be a good manager you must consider yourself as a good leader. A good leader doesn’t care for the position but wants to work to be done effectively. Being a leader will give you a different perspective to look at your subordinates and help you manage them and motivate them in the best manner.

· Be a good conflict resolver

To manage people well, you must learn to resolve conflicts between them. Different people have different opinions and this may cause conflicts in the organisation. As a manager, you must listen to both the sides and should not be biased and give the decision best for the organisation.

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