Meghna Gulzar directed Chhapaak, a Bollywood biographical drama. starring Deepika Padukone, Vikrant Massey, and Madhurjeet Sarghi. Chhapaak is the story of a woman whose life is turned upside down when she is attacked with acid. The film’s spirit is Deepika Padukone (Malti) who portrays the life story of Laxmi Agarwal who was burned with acid in New Delhi in 2005.

Malti has even filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) calling for an acid ban in the country. The story follows Malti as she deals with the aftermath of the catastrophe and rebalances her life. Her story is really an inspiring one and her courage is simply remarkable.

Here are a few lessons this heart-touching movie taught us

1. Moved on with a positive outlook

Malti defied all difficulties battled her own fears, accepted life’s circumstances, and moved on with a positive outlook. Malti is indeed a role model for us all!

2. Determination can go a long way

Malti aspired to be successful in life, and despite adversity, she persevered and began to inspire other victims and people. Malti is an inspiration in today’s culture since she battled for justice herself.

3. Create your own happiness

In this film, we observe Malti go from being in pain to accepting herself… and she is always in a really joyful state. She also says the following phrases with sly humor at one point.

“Acid aap pe nahin, mujh pe phinka hai,” And it’s in this way that she spreads her joy throughout the world. She teaches us that we can be joyful even if we find ourselves in difficult situations in life.

4. Be courageous

It required a lot of courage for Malti to carry forward in life with a positive attitude despite society’s reaction to her after what happened to her. Her decision to move forward in life with a positive attitude set an example for the rest of the globe.

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