Cast Away is an Adventure movie from 2000 which beautifully captures the adventure of Chuck Noland, a FedEx executive who was trapped alone on a deserted island. It is an amazing film that has several career lessons rooted in it.

Here are the career lessons from the movie ‘Cast Away’.

1. Find Your Wilson

Chuck Noland finds a friend in the lifeless Wilson, a volleyball player during the isolated years on the island. Through his stay on the island, he keeps having regular chats and arguments with Wilson. This encourages him to keep himself emotionally strong.

When in our career we come across difficult situations it is very vital to keep the emotions in check. And for that, the closest friend or a family member can be of great help. Find someone with whom you can share everything and all your difficulties.

2. Know your Resources

One of the significant lessons Cast Away introduces us is the importance of resources. In the film, Chuck Noland diligently recognizes several resources that he would require to survive. He uses each of these resources to assure that his basic needs are fulfilled.

Be it tooling a rock to open a coconut, preparing a fishing weapon, or lighting fire. The two important lessons here would be, recognize the resources that are available and being resourceful, i.e understanding how to use what is available.

It is the same with careers. We have to always be conscious of the resources that are available. Resources in this context can be anything from the skills we acquire to the opportunities available around us. Once you recognize your resources, it is significant to start using such resources to your benefit.

3. Keep Breathing

Chuck spends 4 years on the deserted island, doing everything that is expected to survive. He never loses hope and waits for the right opportunity. At the end of 4 years, he gets the opportunity and builds a sail to escape from the island.

The important message here is “Not to give up”. The lesson here is to stay relevant and proceed to do what you are good at. For you never know when an opportunity will come your way. Breathing here implies, to keep yourself ready with your skills polished, staying up-to-date in the area of your expertise, and being ready for any opportunity that you get in your career.

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