There have been two common notions for your first-time sex, that is if you are having it with the right person, the experience would be beautiful and pleasurable. Another is that, no matter who you have your first time with, it going to be awkward and painful.

It is not easy to point out which is true considering the fact that first-time sex is way too personal.

About the pain, one of the doctors says that for some the experience is painful while for others it’s not. Everyone has different bodies and hence the experiences also vary. According to Planned Parenthood, first-time sex pain depends on the person’s individual anatomy that is people with natural vulvas tend to have more hymenal tissues which results in painful first-time sex.

A condition, vulvodynia can also be another reason for painful sex.

Losing virginity can be painful if one of the partners is not ready or does not have enough knowledge on how to make sex pleasurable.

Experts suggest that penetrative sex can be a lot painful if the person is not emotional or mentally prepared for it. As a result, foreplay or the use of lube is often suggested.

One of the doctor’s advice is that to avoid painful sex, it is better to learn about the stages of arousal and have your first time with someone you trust and are comfortable with.

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