The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of the facility is where infants are taken when they are born early, have medical problems, or have a traumatic birth. The newborns are cared after by a group of specialists. Some of these infants are brought to the NICU shortly after birth, and the majority are hospitalized within 24 hours. Their duration will be determined by their condition. Some babies are only here for a few hours and days, while some are there for months at least.

Here is a guide for parents to interact with IVF babies in NICU.

1. Personalize your new-born’s surroundings.

Bring objects from home, use presents or display images of yourself and your child’s relatives to identify your baby’s area from that of other newborns. Please remember, though, that too much junk can make it difficult to manage for your new baby.

2. Create a personal space.

You spend almost all of your time in the NICU staring externally. If you want solitude time while still being close to your child, turn your seat around so that you face inwardly. Then you can unwind by closing your eyes, reading and singing to your new-born, or simply enjoying.

3. Make note of your child’s development.

Even though it seems unforgettably memorable right now, it’s probable that you’ll miss a lot about this time in your child’s growth. You could take pictures or videos, or keep a journal, to help you remember. The staff at the hospital can help you take imprints of your baby’s hands and feet. Try to savour those times as much as possible.

4. Participate in your new-born’s everyday schedule.

If at all possible, stay in the NICU while the staff looks after your infant. You can understand and then eventually take over your child’s maintenance. For instance, you can assist with washing your baby’s face, changing diapers, or repositioning your child.

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