We all know the circumstances that occur in our life are unpredictable, be it happy or not so surprisingly sad ones. What does it mean when we say life is unfair at times? It means that things and circumstances don’t occur in the manner we wish.

These circumstances might at times strike you hard, shock you and leave you all wondering why on earth did this had to happen to me only! These out of the box occurrences that might cause us pain, lead you into trauma and other abuse makes us call-out on our life as unfair and mean.

But often we fail to recognise that, it is life and it is how it is. You can’t control what’s not in your control! You can control your breathing but you can’t control death.

You can stop your mind from going into the “overthinking” mode but you can’t stop the weather outside or else you can’t even decide where you would have wished to take birth. Life is not permanent. We all are on a journey on this land, we have to make it beautiful till our time ends and also feel grateful for what we have achieved till this hour.

Life is not all pink and bloomy all the time. You will get to see the dark and grey sides of it as well. Life is colourful, you will experience all the colours of life. Tree shed its leaves and the next time again it blooms with more passion and green!

It’s necessary to remember that life is not unfair all the time, it’s all about our failure in recognising the good that life has done to us each time. So it’s important to keep in mind that we appreciate life and also be worthy of every little achievement and good things life gives to us and feel grateful about it.

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