To light, a lamp for someone is to lighten up someone’s life. When we lighten up someone’s life aka someone’s lamp by being with them, helping them and guiding them in their darker and stressful times it would eventually lighten our path through the good deeds we put in for others. A person who prioritises the needs of others, helps them and guides them in their difficult times is compassionate, kind and a human in a true sense. A lamp can diminish the darkness, so when you lit a lamp for someone your path too will lighten up.

When you light the lamp for someone in their darker and worst times, you give them the best of any world. When a person is in the darkest moments of her/his life, they require and yearn for support and when you become their torchbearer in their worst times how would it be even possible for them to forget you when you need them?

When we light up someone’s path we light up our path as well, a more spiritual and internal awakening occurs within us, it makes us realize our “good side” , our helpful and giving nature.

It teaches the way of the world. It makes us proud of ourselves for existing as compassionate humans. It helps us to live a more selfless life.

So it’s important to remember that, our toil and effort towards making someone’s day, making someone happy or even brighten their path will never go in vain but will eventually brighten up our path. Of course, making a person smile is worth more than a million dollars.

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