We all want to be happy, and each of us has different ways of getting there. All you have to do is be with someone who makes you smile. Accept the good. Imagine the best. Do the things you love. Find the purpose to live and be happy. Listen to your heart. Push yourself for good things. Be always open to change.
The math of life always teaches us that happiness always multiples when it’s divided.

Gaur Gopal Das tells a story of a rich lady who goes to a happiness counselor and complained that her life was empty without any meaning. The counselor patiently heard her out and called the old lady who used to clean the office floors.

And he asks the old lady where she finds her happiness, the lady said, when my husband died of malaria and my son was killed in a car accident my life meaningless. She wasn’t able to sleep and forgot the art of smiling.

She even thought of ending her life, but one day as she was walking on the road she saw a kitten and felt sorry for the kitten because it was cold she took the kitten in the house and gave it some milk.

The kitten enjoyed it, by seeing this the lady said I felt smile for the first time after so many years. She wondered if just helping a kitten can make me smile then doing something for people in need could make me happy as well.

The next day she started helping people, doing this made her happy. The lady found her happiness by giving it to others.

When the rich lady heard this she started crying, she had everything that money could buy but had lost the things money couldn’t buy.

When we are helping others, we realize that not only does our pain go in the background but we also start experiencing a deep sense of joy and fulfillment.

So the it tells us that our happiness increases when we share it with others.

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