Positive thinking serves as a little form of escape from your endless worries, tensions, and problems. Yes, in this world full of chaos and problematic occurrences, positive thinking is what has kept us intact, strong, and courageous. In this extract, we shall have a look at the impacts of positive thinking and how it works.

When our mind tends to get overpowered by faulty, negative, and miserable thoughts we tend to lack hope in our lives. We feel pathetic about ourselves. Negative thoughts or thoughts of any kind don’t require a huge amount of time to get developed in the mind, the process occurs instantly. When we feel emotional pain after negative thoughts that come to our mind, that “emotional pain” is equivalent to the physical pain a person might experience after getting his bones broken/fractured.

But when we tend to focus our mind towards the good or positive, we tend to feel hopeful about everything. When we redirect our thoughts towards positivity or happy times our brain releases dopamine, a hormone responsible for making us feel joyous. Positive thinking is much more than this. To be or feel positive, is to create small boxes of hope for oneself, to not take situations way too seriously, to find good in the bad, and move on with life.

Positive thoughts indeed make us feel good. We don’t need to suppress our emotions, if you feel like pouring out, you shouldn’t stop yourself because a good cry can help you get rid of your emotional baggage. Positive thoughts, the kinds which teach you to not blame yourself for the worrisome or wrong things that might occur in your life are good. So yes, positive thinking is absolutely helpful.

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