1. Define what happiness is.

I interviewed approximately 100 people for the Happiness Project in order to come up with the above definition. I read happiness literature and attended happiness self-improvement seminars. The condensed version you’re seeing now appears to be a no-brainer, but ask yourself a simple question: are you following it?

2. Be grateful right now.

I feel euphoria whenever I’m in the now and fully present with what I’m feeling, seeing, hearing, or doing. It’s not often that we can stop ourselves from worrying about the future or lingering on the past in our fast-paced culture, so a great dose of now is a welcome change.

3. Develop Yourself.

Did you know that in order to stay alive, a shark must constantly move forward in order to circulate water through its gills? They can even move ahead while sleeping. In a metaphorical sense, we humans face a similar predicament. We become weak, foolish, or broken if we do not advance physically, psychologically, and spiritually. We owe it to ourselves to improve.

4. Make yourself accountable.

“I have no one to answer to.” Have you ever heard someone say that statement with pride? It may be true that you only have to answer to yourself and no one else, but it may not be the greatest way to live. When you hold yourself accountable to someone else by giving them your objectives and desires, they can keep track of you and ensure you complete your tasks. This will allow you to achieve your goals more quickly, boost your self-esteem, and bring delight to your victories.

5. Don’t become, simply be.

If you are always looking forward to a time when you can be happy, you will develop the habit of attempting to be happy. You are doing something if you are attempting to do anything. Instead, if you simply become content with your existing situation, you can be content at any time and in any place.

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