Expectations build up unknowingly. It’s important to understand that we tend to bother a lot about the things that might not happen in reality or are superficial and unpredictable. At times it becomes a way of running onto quick “positive conclusions” or “happy endings” by just building scenarios in our heads that might not have a full-proof solid base. We always tend to worry about the future and at times we become overconfident based on what little we might have. Be it expecting your performance in an exam, your future career or maybe a courtship or even a friendship in this matter.

In this extract, we shall have a look at the ways to stop being a victim of your own expectations.

1) Think about the present

You must focus on the present. What you want to be five years later shouldn’t keep on intervening. If you have taken a particular task in your hand and are thinking of completing it, focus on it. Don’t just keep on creating baseless expectations in your head. In the end, if you won’t be able to fulfill “those expectations” then you will eventually appreciate very little of what you have “really, actually achieved.”

2) Be logical

Sometimes we tend to have expectations in our head about another person. But in the end, when the person fails in fulfilling those said expectations it becomes problematic.

3) Be grateful for what you have

When you start appreciating little things in your life, that is when everything changes. When you focus your energy on what you have got and how well you survived through your hardships, you will eventually keep yourself more calm and keep on expecting less or either avoid building scenarios in your head. So it’s important to appreciate your well-being. In this way, you will never be a victim of any silly things.

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