We start breathing the moment we are born and continue to do so until we die. Breathwork can considerably assist patients in releasing trauma stored in various sections of the brain, including the emotional and reptilian brains. Breathwork also relieves stress and can help you feel greater and stronger feelings of inner serenity. There are many different breathing techniques; we’ll go through three of them here so that individuals can have some hands-on experience with a variety of them and see which ones resonate with them.

We’ll begin with Wim Hof’s breathing technique. He demonstrates how simple breathwork maybe while still have a significant effect on us. He discusses his approach in great detail in this video. Here’s a video of Wim Hof’s Guided Breathing Method in action.

Tony Robbins’ method is the second method that demonstrates breathwork. He’s developed a programme called “Priming Your Day,” which involves a breathing technique. In addition to the breathwork, Tony Robbins includes several additional intriguing techniques, demonstrating that breathwork may be simply and successfully used with different modalities. Tony takes you through an entire session in this video.

The third type of breathwork we’ll look at here is Holotropic Breathing, which was created by Stanislav Grof. This strategy delves a little further than the others. A full holotropic breathwork session can last up to three hours and can result in strong psychedelic effects. Before you begin one of these lengthier sessions, do some research on holotropic breathwork. If you feel comfortable with the process and know what you’re getting yourself into, this video can be utilized to undertake a – Do It Yourself Holotropic BreathWork session at home.

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